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Glint Business Intelligence (GBI)


One of the most accurate and powerful Machine leaning algorithms which harness data and provides key insights such as 'Price Prediction' , 'Batch Size Prediction' , 'Suggested orders' and 'Optimized Manufacturing'.

The Only AI Based Business Solution

Grow your business with one smart and customizable AI based system of integrated Solution for all your Business needs.

Most accurate and powerful

One of the most accurate and powerful Machine leaning algorithms which harness data and keeps improving to take your Business to the next level.

Perfectly Curated & Simplest


Built to integrate with other apps and services you use every day. Find tools that you already use or discover new ways to improve your business


Adopt smart manufacturing in your enterprise. Learn the techniques and tools. Prepare for Industry 4.0 with AI, IoT, and data analytics.


Manage leads from all sources and ensure high conversion rates. Easy To Use. Easily Customizable at Unbeatable Value.


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Why GIBS ?



We strive hard to give you the user experience you need. Customize your Business Solution for your needs instantly.

Business Booster

With our state of the art Business Analytics get to know your businesses inside out, and what it requires to grow.


Easy to Use

Simple and easy user experience enables anyone to use it hassle-free with no training needed.

360 Degree View

Leave no corner of your businesses untouched, know each and every aspect of your businesses inside out.


Real Time Reports

Get live reports of your businesses 24*7 with our best and most powerfull analytics tools.


With our private and best in class secured servers so you can access your businesses Any-where,time,device.


Self-Improving AI (GBI)

Use Business intelligence that scales and has Competitive Advantage with Real Time insights using powerful BI engine.


Our integrated Mobile Apps


For Owners

Take control of your cash flow with real-time reports and dashboards.Run your business from anywhere, at anytime,with anydevice


For Warehouse Incharge

Track and manage your inventory with ease in loading and unloading stock.Easily manage returns for orders.


For Kitchen Managment

Kitchen makes food preparation in kitchen efficient with the help of Kitchen Order Token (KOT).


For Salesman

Track and monitor salesmen in Real Time.Take orders and receive payments even in offline mode,using automated sync facility.View all finacial transactions, orders, invoices and today's price.


For billing and registartion

Manage your inventory and view stock report from Kitchen Dashboard. You can also add your expenses to Kitchen with a digital copy of invoice , purchase receipt or salary slip. This also enables you to get a profit loss report and GST report.


For Distributor

360 degree real-time primary and secondary sales automation solution. Enables real time updating of inventory, ensuring optimum stock at distributor and zero stock outs at retailers.


For Order Managment

G-Waiter waiter can send kitchen order tickets (KOT) directly to the kitchen along with an optional copy for the server. If you run multiple kitchens or counters, G-Waiter splits and generates KOT for each kitchen.

And Many More

For Businesses

GIBS provide ready to use and customiable apps which are tailor made for your buinesses to grow.

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